Luca turns one year!

We did it! We survived a year! My baby boy is one year old. It seems like yesterday I was carrying him around in my belly. Since I found out I was pregnant, it feels like the time has flown by. I know everyone told me it would, but you don’t realize just what that means until you become a mother yourself. I find myself savoring moments because I know they go by way too quickly. I mean, my baby is one year old. How did this happen??

For Luca’s first birthday, I found it fitting to go with the theme ‘Where the Wild Things Are.’ I chose this mainly because he is a wild thing: he growls like a monster, sometimes acts like one, he loves nature and is totally fascinated with trees, playing in dirt and all the boy/monster things. Plus he makes my heart sing. I love the book ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ and when we read it to Luca, he growls when he sees the monsters. It’s just plain cute. I call him my monster, I think it’s adorable. We have another book my best friend got me called ‘Where the Wild Moms Are.’ I found that fitting as well for his first birthday, haha. I mean, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree or whatever. You can take the thing out of the wild, but you can’t take the wild out of the thing!

After I decided Luca is a wild one wild thing, I started planning and ordering things for his party. I probably had just as much fun doing that as I did setting up & enjoying the party. Luca is one so he obviously doesn’t realize all the elaborate work mama put into his party, but one day he will (hopefully)! So for now I do it for my enjoyment & the guests, etc. Party planning is just too fun, I can’t help myself!

For Luca’s Wild One photoshoot, Letsbstill did the photography & Too Sweet Cakes did the cake smash. It was so fun to see him attack that cake! His first time having sugar and he is probably mad I kept it from him for this long… Little does he know he won’t be having it again probably until his next birthday (mom, if you’re reading this you need to take note). We did his cake smash shoot in he forest on the way to Mt. Bachelor. Beautiful views of just trees on trees. I bet a lot of wild things live there!

Luca’s bday party was in our wild backyard (literally. It’s overgrown like a secret garden). I had to slowly decorate like a week before because, #momlife. For his cake, cupcakes, & macaroons, Haley Sabotta was the creative baker. I was thrilled she could do Luca’s party because I have been admiring her work for years. She is pure talent. If you’re having a party and need a creative beautiful cake or desserts, she’s your girl.

For the party decor, I found most things on Amazon Prime & Etsy and I tagged products I ordered at the end of this post. One day, randomly, I was driving to work and found a pile of large tree stumps that had a sign labeled “free,” so I called my dad and had him load his truck with some for Luca’s party (aren’t dads the best?). I plan to keep them to use as side tables for our outdoor furniture, they are just too cool! A lot of the things I used for table toppers and serving stuff I had already, I just rearranged my home decor. We had a drink table which was set up outside, a dessert table set up inside, and our kitchen island was where we placed all the food. Luca’s cake smash high chair was set up outside on his throne with this beautiful balloon garland that I got inexpensively on Etsy!

I have a Wild one, I can’t even believe it! Onto the toddler stage! Anyways, I hope you enjoy my Wild Ones birthday party pictures & it gives you inspo for your next party planning event!

In honor of real wild things in real wild life, we donated on behalf of Luca, our wild one. We love his love for nature. If you want to donate to the World Wildlife Fund also, here is the link:
World Wildlife Fund Donate

Balloon garland :
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Where The Wild Things Are High chair banner:
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Wild One Balloon Banner:
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Custom Toothpicks:
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Custom Party favor boxes:
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Moss ball

Cream cheese
Roll cream cheese into a ball and chop up greens, then roll the ball into the chopped greens so it has “Moss” affect.


Spinach Boat

Spinach dip (for the dip I recommend following this recipe: Spinach dip )

Oval shaped French bread
Sourdough bread loaf
Take insides out of loaf & cut them up into Tiny squares for dipping! *use sourdough loaf to cut up into tiny squares for more dipping fun!


PB & J Crowns

Dave’s killer bread
Organic peanut butter
Organic strawberry jam
Crown cookie cutter


Wild Charcuterie Board

Green olives
Kalamata olives
Brie cheese
Smoked Gouda
Blue cheese
Breadstick crackers
Long flat dipping crackers
Dark chocolate squares
Dried figs & prunes
Honey & fruit spread

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