Hair Essentials

As most of you know, I am a hairstylist. I have been in the game for 13 years! I’ve travelled the world, worked in some incredible places, and have done some really cool things in the hair industry. After I became a mommy, my career in hair for the first time ever took a backseat. It’s still a passion of mine, but it’s not my first love any longer. My son & being a Mom has filled me me with a love, joy, and happiness that I never knew existed in life. My son is my priority now, just as he should be. With that being said, I still work at the salon a little doing hair because I love it. Just because I no longer live and breathe hair, I still am passionate about it (and still live it about 12 hours a week now) and have so much information I want to share with you guys about hair. Especially about taking care of your hair at home and not just when you come in the salon. Nothing is worse than spending all your time, money, energy, and your hairstylists expertise, time, and product to get your hair looking and feeling amazing for a couple hundred dollars and you go home and use your $3.99 Panteen Pro V. YIKES!
Treating your hair with good hot tools & products is essential for the health and wellbeing of your hair. Cheap hot tools can fry your hair. Cheap products can build up on your hair over time and affect your hair color. Elastic hair ties, if being used in the same spot over and over, can start breaking your hair. It is VITAL you replace your elastic hair ties with cloth ones, scrunches, bobby pins, etc. If you care about your hair and want it to look its best, you have to take care of it with the good stuff.

I have rounded up some essentials for hair styling for you.

Here are a few of my current favorite things:

Blow Dryer:

Curling Iron:

Flat Iron:

Basic Brush:

Hair Ties:

Hair Accessories:



Dry Shampoo: