Since I’ve been back from this trip, I’ve had lots of questions about Nashville as it’s a total hot spot destination. I’ve traveled to a lot of places and, lesbihonest, nobody cares. But I travel once to Nashville and from every single person I get, “Tell me all the deets”… So, here are the deets.
For you, a quick guide on our weekend there and a bucket list of places that we didn’t have enough time to go to.

Side note, if I was young & single, I would 100 thousand percent move to Nashville. Just sayin.

I had never been to Nash before and honestly had no idea what to expect. Nashville hands down exceeded all expectations. It’s a city, but it’s homey. It’s big, but it’s so clean. It has a million different places to go and every place has beautiful people. Oh and live music everywhere! It’s so fun y’all.

The Gulch:

Trendy neighborhood.
Here you will find restaurants, rooftop bars, shopping, juice bars, and even the most adorable grocery store called the Turnup Truck that Sam Hunt may or may not shop at. Party trucks full of bachelor & bachelorette parties were passing by every 10 mins on these streets!

Gulch Tourist spots:

The famous wing mural is here and girls were lining up to take a Instagram photos.

Jessie James Decker’s store Kittenish is here and she makes an appearance all the time.

The Thompson rooftop bar that was jammin with a live dj, hip beautiful people, killer views and it’s where we got our FROSÈ on.

We had to stop and see my cousin working as store manager (so proud) at Uncommon James & had to buy some stuff for Luca and jewelry for myself, duh.

If you’re into fitness, Tim McGraw TruMav fitness gym is there along with Sean Booth’s gym, BoothCamp (shoutout to all my fellow Bachelor fans if you know who he is!)

Basically,if you’re going to Nashville, you have to go to the gulch.


The strip of Nash Vegas.
Literally Broadway Street is only bars with live music on every single floor of every single building. Can you talk about country music lover heaven?! We absolutely drank, sang, and danced our hearts out here.


Another trendy neighborhood is 12south with the cutest bungalow-style homes. stylish designer boutiques, cool restaurants, coffee shops, oh and the iconic “I Believe in Nashville” tourist wall where we took our pic.

Draper James is Reese Witherspoon’s southern charmed store where the employees all look proper and greet you with sweet tea.

Bartaco is in this neighborhood and it was well worth the hour wait. We ordered everything off the menu, including the grilled pineapple which is a must have! Margaritas were delish as well!

Just strolling this neighborhood you’ll feel the charm with the elegant Antebellum Mansion, and towering trees all around.



The Nashville BucketList Hot Spots

Brunch spots:

1. Biscuit love
2. Proper Bagel

Dinner spots:

1. Bar taco
2. Acme

For the Sweet Tooth’s:
1. Jenis Splendid Ice creams (desert)

Rooftop Bars:
1. LA Jackson
2. Jason Andean’s
3. The Westin (pool rooftop)
4. Tootsie’s (oldest honky tonk bar in Nash) *must go!! Legends have played here, partied here. Definitely a must see.

For a local scene (where so many people got discovered) :
1. Whisky Jam
2. Losers
3. Winners Bar

There ya go! I hope this helps your future travel to one of my favorite places in the US!

Thompson Rooftop


Bar Taco

Bar Taco


Uncommon James

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