Can I just say whoever thought of an Airstream camp as a hotel is genius. What an amazing experience! We both had never been in an airstream before so it was so cool to stay in one for a couple of nights. They are very spacious, plenty of room for the whole family.

Located just steps from the beach (you can literally hear the waves crashing), Hart’s Camp provides all the amenities of a typical hotel, BUT you also get your own private area that includes: fenced in yard with picnic table, fire pit, big comfortable chairs, large private outdoor shower with succulent wall, and a deck. On top of that, we literally brought nothing because the airstream had it all! They provided firewood for the fire pit, the Airstream was stocked with any cooking item needed, a fridge, toaster, microwave, coffee, towels, bedding (which was one of the most comfortable beds, I couldn’t believe it), and (my personal favorite as a hairstylist) Aveda toiletries. They even have Pack n Play cribs if you bring the little family members! Being a dog owner to 3 fur babies, I can’t tell you how great it is to stat somewhere that is crazy dog friendly! Can I get an amen?? Such an amazing family getaway. I absolutely loved our stay in this luxury camp with all our children (including the furry ones)!!


Hart’s Camp is located across from Pelican Brewery (amazing!!) in Pacific City, OR, 300 feet from the beach.

Food & Drink
Hart’s camp is right next door to a market for anything you may need. There is also a cafe on property, which is a wonderful place to grab a latte, juice and pastry and go about your day! Pelican Brewery, BJ’s taco/burrito stand, and Headlands Hotel are all at your doorstep and serve up some of the best food and drinks around!

Hart’s Camp provides cornhole, horshoes, Kanjam, and a bbq common area for the whole family to enjoy. Then, of course, you have your own fire for afterwards as well! There is also a camp store that has board games, smore kits, and anything in between.

Things To Do
The Three Capes (Meares, Lookout, and Kiwanda) are all close (with Kiwanda being walking distance from the Camp), so Pacific City has plenty of hiking available. I recommend the 5 mile or so trek out Cape Lookout!
Surfing is a popular activity here, as you can imagine. Chris and I had never wanted to surf so badly before seeing all the surfers in the beautiful setting set out to catch some waves. Paddle boarding was popular as well when the water was calm. We watched a handful of fishermen come in and out with tons of fish, so that would also be a fun family activity! The Oregon Coast is a biker’s paradise on a nice day. Pacific City was no exception, with roads right along the ocean that offer unbeatable views no matter which direction you’re heading.
Honestly, for such a small cute town, there is so much to do!

Hart’s Camp Highlights

Camp Store
The Camp Store has so many goodies, including the amazing Pendleton mugs we sipped our morning coffee from and lots of other fun souvenirs.

Stimulus Cafe
We went here every single morning. Sooo yummy!

Fire Pits
We built our own campfire post dinner, cozying up with our wine and chocolates we bought from the market next door!

Outdoor Shower
It was so amazing Chris said he needs one in our house! Something about a hot cleansing shower out in nature’s fresh, crisp air is extremely refreshing.


We definitely will be back! Despite our fun family adventure and special trip this time, next time Chris and I are thinking just us two to make it extra romantic.

If you are interested in staying here, I 100 percent rate it an A+!

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