The story behind the home:
Chris and I bought a house a few months ago (end of May, 2018). At the time, we weren’t even looking to purchase a home, mainly because we purchased 2 acres a few years ago, designed a 3,700sq ft dream home, and planed to build at some point over the next year or 2. When this home fell into our lap, we were torn, but decided to put our dream home on hold after being quoted Upwards of $300+ per square foot to build (yikes). Thats a million dollar home, literally. Our house plans are rolled up in the office just sitting there, waiting to be executed one day. We have no idea if prices will go down, but we decided to wait and see if they do.

Anyways, back to our current home… it was a serendipitous find. Although we weren’t looking, we fell in love with the house. It’s seriously magical. Funny enough, the first time I had been to this home was about 3 years ago. I was doing hair for a bride at the home of one of her friends (Amy, house resident) who was hosting the bridal party. I had actually known Amy for a while thru the bride, my mother, and a few other connections. Amy is the kind of woman whose soul inspires yours. She has the best style, the best heart, and she had the best home. I had never been to her house before, but when i walked in, I immediately fell in love with the home, the layout, the bones. I had never had an experience like that before, of walking into a home and feeling just so happy and in love. For me, it was strange to feel that way. I couldn’t get over the house, I even asked her to let me know if she ever moves so I can move in! I told her that if she ever wanted to leave randomly, I would take over her lease. I even asked if she wanted a roommate! Haha, you get the point. I mean, I was in love.

Fast forward 3 years. After all this happened I had just met Chris, who turned out to be my person and the father of my child and the man I will spend my life with. Rewind now to a few months ago,  I get a text from my mom saying that the house I fell in love with years ago was for sale. Chris had to see it. There was a list of people who wanted the home because it was just so unique. The best way I can describe it is a European chalet, cozy intimate layout with tons of character.  

When the house became available to purchase, Amy notified us first, despite everyone else on the list,  because the owner of the home wanted a family to buy it.  This was supposed to be his and his wife’s retirement house, but she unexpectedly passed away (it was very very sad for us talking to him about this). Needless to say, we bought the home.  We closed in May 2018, and moved in at the end of that month. We were able to find a painter, a carpenter, a hardwood floor specialist, a mason, and a contractor to basically do a cosmetic makeover in about a month. We still can’t believe we found that many people to finish the home that fast. We did a quick, but beautiful lipstick remodel. We changed the wall color in the entire house, had the hardwood floors and beams sanded and re-stained, we built a fence around the entire property, added shelving in the kitchen, changed the light fixtures, changed the carpet in the house (which was only the guest room & Luca’s room), and remodeled the fireplace. Once again, I had a pintrest board going and would show Chris inspo pics and he basically would approve or deny. We were quick & efficient when it came to decision making. It went something like this,

“do you like this?” “No” “do you like this?” “yes.” Done and done. He was great with allowing me to do what I thought would update the home. I mean, the bones in the home are so great even just a little change went a long way.

We still need to do a few things, like change out the vanity in the downstairs bathroom, finish the outdoor space, AND change & update the backsplash in the kitchen (if you ask Chris, he will say differently). The kitchen backsplash is dated, natural color stone square tile, a little too busy and dark for my taste. I would rather see some white subway tile to brighten, enlarge, and update the kitchen. Side note- Chris likes the existing tile and this has been the only disagreement on the home updates we have had so far. I am still working on him so feel free to support my case and notify him of this. Please. Anyways, we make a good team (right babe?). This home has the best energy, and when I’m living in it day to day, it humbles me to know where it came from, how it was built on hope, how it has healed, and now it is our shelter. This house couldn’t have Fallen into our laps at a better moment. We are now proud home owners and I’m just so grateful to make this house our home. Yes, we still have property and a dream home to build, but who knows how long until we will do that. In the meantime, we we will fill all the walls in this home up with as much love as we can! I hope you guys enjoy our before & after pictures! 

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