September 26, 2018Luca, Uncategorized
Luca turns one year! We did it! We survived a year! My baby boy is one year old. It seems like yesterday I was carrying him around in my belly. Since I found out I was pregnant, it feels like the time has flown by. I know everyone told me it would, but you don’t [...]

Luca’s Nursery

September 13, 2018Home, Luca
Luca’s nursery has always been my most absolute favorite room in the house. I love interior design and home decor, so when it came to doing my baby's nursery I knew I wanted to create a space that was all the things: special, safe, comfortable, cozy, relaxing, calming, and of course cute af (I mean [...]

New Home

September 5, 2018Home, lifestyle
The story behind the home: Chris and I bought a house a few months ago (end of May, 2018). At the time, we weren't even looking to purchase a home, mainly because we purchased 2 acres a few years ago, designed a 3,700sq ft dream home, and planed to build at some point over the next year or 2. [...]